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Welcome to The Finance Finders – Personal Loan Finder

The Finance Finders offer access to a range of loan solutions for any purpose. We deal with hundreds of reputable lenders, finding you the best matching loan for your application. Apply for an unsecured loan using our online application form.

Our service is free and you are under no obligation to commit to any loan found on your behalf. Most payday loans can be paid within one hour but not all lenders do this and some don’t pay direct into your bank account.

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Personal Loan Finder, 1 easy form

If you need to source a Personal loan finder, the Finance Finders service is here to help. It might be that you need to fix your car, make home improvements, or maybe you just need a cash injection to see you through a difficult financial time.

When you don’t have any savings or access to a fund that allows you to do these things, you may need to find a personal loan finder today.

We have access to thousands of short and long term loans providers, so you can be confident that we’ll find out what unsecured loans are obtainable, whether you need to borrow a few hundred pounds or a few thousand.

Don’t waste time searching the market and risking unnecessary and potentially damaging checks to your credit file. Start by filling out the simple form at the top of this page and let us search the market, so you can be sure to find a personal loan finder today.

How our service is different

Personal loan finders can have very different criteria that you need to meet in order to be accepted. They can often have a limit to the amount they have available to lend as well as eye-watering interest rates.

We know the loans marketplace and we have access to thousands of lenders throughout the UK. We scour all the deals available to us in order to match you with the most appropriate personal loan finders for your circumstances and requirements; loan value, repayment terms etc.

We have access to many personal loan finders, for poor credit and for those with good credit, for people who are employed full time or part time, on pensions, self-employed, disability or benefits. Apply now.

How you benefit

More often than not, when an individual finds themselves looking into the personal loans market, they tend to apply for the first loan they see. While they may get accepted, this may not be the most suitable or cost effective loan option available to them. There are often varying interest rates and repayment options depending on whether you are applying for low interest loans, long term loans or short term, payday personal loans.

Further to this, every time a person applies for credit, their credit score is checked and this check leaves an imprint on their credit file. If the set criteria for a particular lender is not met, or the person decides they are not 100% happy with the deal offered, they will then need to apply for a loan elsewhere. This means another credit check. Lots of credit checks – even if you don’t actually take the loan out – suggest financial desperation. This can have a negative impact as potential lenders will be more inclined to steer clear of loaning you money.

If you need to find a personal loan finder, simply:

  • Click Apply Now to be redirected to our online form
  • You’ll be asked for personal information which may include bank account details and the date you get paid. This is so a lender can pay money direct into your account and take repayments on the date you get paid. This is standard practice when applying for some personal loans including payday loans
  • When you submit your application, hundreds of big and small named lenders are searched and through our partner site and you are presented with the best matching loans for your application
  • If you wish to go ahead, you can accept the terms and conditions, and the money could soon be sitting in your bank account! It’s simple!

So, if you need to find a personal loan finder complete our online form and get a fast quote for a personal loan now.